Trailer O2 Class- 8mt x 2.5mt

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O2 Class Trailers used in mobile home production

Dimentions: 8mt x 2.5mt

Trailer Dimensions
  • 5mt x 2.50mt
  • 6mt x 2.50mt
  • 7mt x 2.50mt
  • 8mt x 2.50mt
  • 9mt x 2.50mt
  • 10mt x 2.50mt
Trailer Tire
    Axle Type
    • Standard
      (300.00 USD)
    • Knott Axle
      (1,050.00 USD)


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    Information : You can order minimum of 1 Pcs pieces of this product.

    Trailer O2 Class - 8mt x 2.5mt

    The trailers are produced with first-class materials and workmanship in accordance with European standards.

    - All Parts are Galvanized by Hot Dip method.
    - Trailers have an O2 certificate.
    - Can be shipped disassembled or assembled.

    Hot Dip Galvanized Coating
    All parts are coated with the "Hot Dip Galvanization" method against corrosion.
    Hot-dip galvanized coating application enables coating without thinning on corners and edges of the material that are weak against corrosion. With this method, corrosion is prevented and the lifespan of the material can be maintained for many years without loss of performance.

    O2 Certificate
    It is the official document stating that the safety conditions and requirements are met for the road registration of trailers weighing from 750 kg to 3500 kg. O2 Certificate, also known as the traffic certificate, is the traffic certificate used to classify your vehicle based on the carrying capacity of the trailer you will attach to the back of your vehicle.

    It is a legal obligation for Wheeled Mobile Homes to be registered and have an O2 certificate in order to be on the road. With this document, vehicles have the right to free movement both nationally and internationally. Tiny Houses without an O2 Certificate are prohibited from entering traffic.

    Disassembled Design
    Bolt connection is used in the Disassembled Design method, which can be applied by a small number of manufacturers. This method, which does not provide stronger strength than welded connections, perfectly ensures that the part is compatible with each other or with the connection points as planned. It allows trailers to be transported disassembled. It is easy to load and unload. It becomes possible to ship up to 30 trailers in a single shipment.

    Demountable products are designed as modular. This method allows users to add or remove different modules according to their preferences. Durable materials and quality assembly systems used in production provide trouble-free and comfortable use for many years. In case of an accident, the partial system allows replacement of the relevant part

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