estore.mimosi , was established in order to organize promotional and sales organizations for new markets by exhibiting products in different languages.

By combining individual transactions, it provides cost advantage, energy savings and increases efficiency for all parties in purchasing, foreign trade and logistics processes.

Language ensures or supports the safe completion of trade by executing or tracking the foreign trade transactions and logistics processes with optimum options.


Mimosi Dis Ticaret Ltd.

Our company was established in Istanbul in 2010 to provide services in international trade and consultancy. Our company, which was established as a private company, continues its activities under the name of Brodeks İç ve Dış Ticaret, and after the change of type, Mimosi Foreign Trade Limited Company

For more than 20 years

We use 20 years of experience knowledge and infrastructure that provides cost savings and productivity with efficient purchasing for many customers out of Turkey who are searching for small – big quantity or single – multiple products.

Professional Support

Mimosi has been serving to the international market for many years in the fields of supply, logistics and consultancy.

If you need to get a better business advantage through more efficient supply of goods and services, you can get support from Mimosi

Mimosi’ trade is dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized businesses outside Turkey by supplying products with a professional, transparent and ethical approach.

Our services are oriented to all kinds of industries.  Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Importers, Retailers, Vehicle Industry, Agriculture Industry, NGOs, Farmers, Central and local Government Procurement departments and individuals …




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