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Talya House produces small houses on wheels in the O2 trailer class. M01 Model is 7 m, single loft with a sleeping capacity of 4 people. It has CE certification and weighs 3360 kg.


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Talya House M01

In order to protect nature and sustain life, we must consume less and produce more than we consume.
We produce eco-friendly small houses, we use infrastructure and technology that can fulfill all the functions you need to lead a happy life in our homes.
If you are tired of city life. If you are dreaming of being in nature, you are receiving a call.
If you want to heed the call and take action. We can support you for solutions that will make your work easier in your new life.


Features :

Talya House M01 is a small wheeled house in the trailer class. One of the most important features of the M01 is its drawbar, lighting and brake systems are in European norms and its weight is 3360 kg. Tuv does not have a weight problem in Vehicle Inspections.
Number of Persons: 2 - 4- 6
Sections: Living Room, Bathroom (including WC and Shower), Kitchen, Bedroom (1 Loft Floor or 2 Loft Floor)
Usage Area: 17.5 + 6.15 m2 (Loft)
Trailer : 02 class
Frames: Light Steel Construction

Floor : 2,5 x 7 m (17,5m2)
                   1 x Loft Floor: 6.8 m2
Height: 4000 mm (Including Trailer)
Width: 2550 mm
Length : 7040 mm

Mobile Homes – Caravan Homes are seen as a vehicle on the highways because they are in the 02 Caravan class. There is no restriction on its use on zoned and unzoned lands.
It can be equipped with self-sufficient equipment or easily adapted to ready-made Energy, Water and Waste disposal systems.

• It is environmentally friendly. Energy losses and consumption are minimized. It is carefully produced to reduce our carbon footprint and for a sustainable environment.
• Produced from recyclable materials.
• By owning a mobile home, you buy yourself a living space.
• Owning is much easier than owning a reinforced concrete house.
• You can use any place you like or suitable for accommodation.
• It is easy to carry. It is easily transported by double axle or 4x4 vehicles.
• There are many alternatives for accommodation. It meets your accommodation needs with confidence and comfort, whether in the city or in nature, on your own or rented lands.
• You can use it as a residence, for a limited time as a weekend house, or as an office.

Trailer: 02 class (carrying capacity up to 3500 kg) (with 4 jacks). It can be towed with 2000-2500 cc vehicles.

Frame: Light Steel Construction, 1mm galvanized sheet is used.


Floor : Special production sandwich panel with double surface fire resistant composite sheet covered and thermal insulation.
Indoor Flooring: 8 mm Laminate Flooring (or Can Be Vinyl Coated)
Exterior: Metal and Thermowood 1st class exterior cladding materials resistant to heavy atmospheric conditions were used.
Inner Surface : Marin Kontra + Glass textile wall paintable wallpaper 3 Layers of water-based paint. It is fire and water resistant.

Insulation :
Tyvek Waterproof layer –
• Breathing Waterproofing Cover,
• CE marked - Conforms to European (EN), Turkey (TSE), British (BBA) American (ASTM) standards.

PIR Insulation Board Features
• Thermal Conductivity: 0.022W/mK (rockwool insulation values (λ) 0.036 W/mK to 0.040 W/mK a)
• Coating: Waterproof double surface foil
• Fire Performance: BS 476-7: Class 1, BS EN 13501-1: Euroclass F
• High Compressive Strength

Doors - Windows :
• Windows and Entrance Door are produced from heat insulated aluminum profiles.
• Glasses Comfort is heat insulated double glazing.
• Sliding System Door with Entry Lock + Kitchen Glass Sliding System,
• Other windows open as a transom.

Bathroom :
• Kale Closet Set +
• Kale Bathroom Cabinets +
• 80x80 cm Shower Cabin +
• 15 Lt Ariston Hot Water Thermosiphon
• Bathroom floor Composite materials can be covered with vinyl coverings or ceramics.)
• All clean water + gray and black water installation outlets have been prepared

Kitchen :
Kitchen counter and cabinet, steel sink, stovetop, built-in oven preparation, dishwasher preparation, large refrigerator cabinet, ready to use.

Electrical Installation and Lighting:
In the Electrical Installation, antigron cables resistant to fire in EU norms, Tse quality certified, guaranteed indoor and outdoor lighting elements, switches and sockets were used. Lower and upper floor lightings were arranged as vavien. Extra night light and reading lights were placed in the loft section.

Sheathed pipes in high quality EU norms were used in the installation. It is frost-proof, Hot and Cold water are connected to the collectors in the plumbing cabinet in the bathroom from separate lines. The collector is connected to the main water inlet valve outside.

Loft Ladder with Storage : The multifunctional ladder with clothes hanger and other storage compartments provides convenience to store many of your belongings.

Our Tiny Houses are produced by choosing from products suitable for export.

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