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Bioclimatic pergola is by far the most technologically advanced weather resistant pergola. It is made of aluminum constructions and a louvered roof with lamellae (also referred to as slats) that can be set to 3 positions: fully shut, slightly open and fully open.


Ideal for: Hotels, bars and premium leisure industry along with detached, semi-detached private houses.

Max Width: 4000 mm
Max Projection: 7045 mm

28 sqm Maximum Coverage on a Single System


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Freedom Pergola System is a standalone model installed on 4 own carrier posts without any connection to any surface.

Application points of pergolas in general; poolside, villa gardens, restaurant, cafe and entertainment venues.

Freedom Model is an ideal model for large area coverage. The fact that it stands on its posts without the need for any building support or construction support provides freedom for positioning. There are water carrier gutter profiles on all 4 sides. Profile structures of Pergola Systems have the same dimensions as standard. There are sound, insulation and lighting options.


Bioclimatic Pergola is an innovative patio covering that uses advanced technology to optimize and enhance your outdoor living space experience. It is made of a robust aluminum construction and louvered roof that provides optimal protection from the elements.

A unique feature of terrace pergola is a roof system with aluminum lamellae that can be fully opened, closed or tilted to the desired angle. It gives you a full control of the amount of sunlight and fresh air that enters inside the pergola.

Bioclimatic pergolas also feature operable side windows that will not only expand the outdoor area but also prolong the summer season and use of the terrace in restaurants, hotels and private homes alike.


Why choose a bioclimatic pergola?
Bioclimatic pergola is designed to make use of as many natural factors as possible to create a pleasant microclimate in your terrace, such as utilizing passive ventilation and reducing unnecessary energy consumption.


Bioclimatic pergolas can be self-supporting or mounted on the wall
This type of modular bioclimatic pergola can be self-supporting or mounted on the wall of a building. Therefore, you can plan your pergola in any space.                 


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