Bioclimatic Pergolas - Urban

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Bioclimatic pergola is most technologically advanced weather resistant pergola.


Urban Pergola System is used by mounting on a flat surface with movable pallet system carriers, suspension apparatus without front carrier struts.


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Bioclimatic Pergola Systems - Urban

Urban Pergola System , movable pallet system carriers are used by mounting them on a flat surface with suspension apparatus without front carrier struts.

Application areas of the product in general; Restaurants, Cafes, Street restaurants, commercial areas that need protection from the sun, villas or places where front pillars with space limitations cannot be used.

Unlike other models, there are gutter profiles with integrated water channels on 3 sides. Drainage of water is provided as free fall from the front.

In addition, the profiles used in this model have a special structure that collects the water trough, carrier record and rail profiles in a single profile. This model has sound, insulation and lighting options.


In this product, material selection and pricing are made in accordance with your project.
Please contact us for more details and pricing studies.

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