V Belt Measuring Gauge

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V Belt Measure Gauge

- This measuring equipment is used to measure v belt and PK-Belts
- With this tool you can easily and quickly determine the length of your old V-belt and PK type multi-ribbed belts


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V Belt Measuring Gauge

V Belt Measuring Gauge is a special tool used to determine the correct length of belts with V-shaped cross-section, widely used in automotive and industrial applications.
You can easily find the correct measurement with millimetric precision.

V Belt Measuring Gauge (BR-BMG-01) can measure V-type and Pk-type belts.

Here are some features of the V-belt measuring gauge:

It has two scales:
The first scale is to measure the upper width of the V-belt, Measurement Width: It can measure within the range of 9mm-22mm ( Z, A, B, C ) . Section used for PK Belts: Can measure 8 channel belts. The scale at the bottom is used to show the effective length of the belt.

V - Belt Measurement Range:
Min: 360 mm – Max 2500mm

It is easy to use:
Place your V-belt in the corresponding groove of the meter and read the measurements from the gauges.

Accurate measurement:
V-belt measuring gauges generally have millimeter accuracy.

Can be used for different V-belts:
Measurement ranges that can measure V-belts of different sizes and types are available on the tool.

Here are some advantages of using a V-belt measuring gauge:
- It can help you avoid buying the wrong size belt.
- Can help you make sure the correct belt is installed.
- Using the right belt can help you prevent efficiency and energy losses.
- With the right belt selection, it can help you prevent premature wear and tear of the belt and reduce your replacement costs and machine maintenance costs.

Here are some points you should pay attention to when using the V-belt measuring tool:
- Make sure that the v-belt you will measure is within the measurement limits
- Make sure to place the belt evenly in the upper and lower channel
- Read the measurements on the tool carefully.
- One of the values you see as a result of the measurement shows the width of the belt you are measuring, the other measurement shows the inner or outer circumference of the belt.

Customization Options:
- The color of the plastic part on the belt measuring device can be changed.
- Can be adapted to different measurement systems.
- The markings, text and dimensions on the tool can be changed.
- Printing can be done in different alphabets. (Arabic, English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.)
- Packaging Type: Single cardboard boxes or 10-pack cardboard boxes
- Order quantity is important for product customizations.

Who Uses:
If you use V Belts in your machines or systems, provide repair and maintenance services, sell belts, sell industrial products, the V belt measuring device is a valuable tool to have at hand. It is a relatively inexpensive tool that will save you time and money in the long run.


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