Product code : 1527 Brand : TurkishStocks

Class: AC-3 Class 31 Thicness : 8 mm Sizes : 191 mm * 1200 mm * 8 mm Pack : 8 adt / 1 pcs = 1.8336 m2

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Natura Flooring Series - Ephesus


Laminated flooring collection : Natura Flooring Serial


Color and texture of trees are used in design of Natura Flooring Serial existing with natural materials and inspiring beauty of nature. Collection including 16 different color option and timberland surface texture add different energy and light to whole living field.


Overlay: Top layer protects laminate flooring from scratches.
Decor Paper: Decorative layer, which gives different alternative colours and designs to laminate flooring.
HDF:High density fiberboard.
Balance  Paper:  Bottom  layer,  which  protects  from  humidity  and distortion, provides stabilization


Class: AC-3 Class 31
Thicness  : 8 mm
Sizes     : 191 mm * 1200 mm * 8 mm
Pack      : 8 adt / 1 pcs = 1.8336 m2
Colors    : Natura Oak, Antalya Pine, Beyaz Oak,Aksu Pine,Niksar Wallnut,Gri Oak,Samara Oak,Alara,Siraz Oak,Pasifik Pine,


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