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Thickness 8 mm
Thickness difference between elements EN 13329 T average< 0,50 mm t max-t min<0,50 mm
Deviation from squareness of element EN 13329
 Length tolerance EN 13329 1<1500mm 1 difference<0,5mm
 Width tolerance EN 13329 W average difference 0,10mm w max- w min<0,20mm
Edgewise bending EN 13329 0,30 mm
Surface Smoothness EN 13329 Fw concave <%0,15 fw convex <%0,20 F1 concave <%0,50 fl convex <%1,00
Space Between Elements EN 13329  O avergae<0,15mm o max 0,15mm
Height Difference Between Elements EN 13329 H avergae< 0,10mm H max<0,15mm
S Surface soundness EN 13329 S>1 N/mm2
UV resistance EN 4892-2 Blue wool scale part is not worse than 02,6; enough for 6
Impact resistance EN 13329 For 31. ve 32.Class IC1
Determination of the effect of a castor chair EN 425  No change or damage on appearance should occur
Determination of the effect of a castor furniture EN 424 No visible damage should occur
Resistance to hot pots EN 13329  Class 4
Resistance to cigarette burns fire EN 13329  Class 4
Resistance to water vapor EN 13329  Class 4
Stain resistance EN 13329 Class 5
24 hours swelling in thickness EN 13329 <%18
Density EN 325 860-880 kg/m2
Bending strenght EN 317 >40 N/mm2
Modulus of elasticity EN 310 >3500 N/mm2
Vertical internal bond EN 319 >1,2 N/mm2
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