Balcony Seperator (Glass)

Product code : Brand : BroTech

It is used to separate the sections of the flats in common balconies.

Size and glass options are preferred in accordance with the project.

Satin Glass       : 100 x 210 cm

Coloured Glass : 120 x 220 cm

Thicness : 6 - 10 -12 mm


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Glass Balcony Separations


These are the glass separator systems used for separating the sections in the buildings with common balconies.

Colored or satin glasses can be produced with aluminum or sheet metal constructions.

Production is made according to special size.


Glass options:                  Satin Glasses

                 Decorated Glasses

                 Tinted Glasses

                 Enamel Painted Glasses

                 Laminated Glasses

Glass Thickness :              6 - 8 - 10 - 12 mm

Glass Sizing:                     CNC Cutting, hole and channel cutting processes,


Glass Edge Processing:

Grinding: It is the process of polishing the glass edges and corners with 90° and 45° inclinations.

Bevel: It is the process of polishing the glass edge at 90° and the front corner of the glass at the desired angle. It is often used in mirrors.

Channel: It is the shaping of the glass surface by carving along a line at a depth of 2 mm.

Assembly and Application:  Stainless channel profiles, electrostatic painted sheet fixing channels, paradust hinges and specially designed channels can be used for glass assembly.

Packing Type: It can be made by being loaded on the box, case or carrier legs.

Pricing: The requested dimensions are projected by determining the minimum waste with computerized calculation methods, the order is priced by adding other applications and packaging costs.

Shipping : TIR or Container Transportation is chosen according to the country to which the products will be shipped.

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