Aluminum Non-Insulated Sliding Door & Window

Product code : Brand : TS Window Door

Aluminum Sliding system doors and windows with 68 mm profile width without thermal insulation


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Aluminum Non-Insulated Sliding Door & Window

Aluminum Sliding Doors and windows are produced non-insulation and insulated. Non - insulated series are often preferred in hot climates because they are not easily damaged by the effects of the sun and the atmosphere, long service life, maintenance-free, robustness, and beautiful architectural expression.

The system works by moving the wings on a rail. The movement of the wings on the rail does not occupy space as in normal wing systems. The roller system provides easy movement.

It is an economical product with a case width of 68 mm. There are options for case widths. Among the color options, Ral Colors, Anodized, Wooden patterns can be preferred.

Maximum glass thickness that can be used: 20-24 mm.
Insulating Glass, Comfort Glass options, Reflected Glass, Low-e glasses and window films can be preferred.

Doors and windows to be produced as a sliding system can be produced as 2, 3 or 4 sliding sections. The width and height of the wings are decisive for the profiles to be used.

Key Features:
System Depth (Case): 67.5mm – 89.8mm – 95.5mm
System Depth (Wing): 31.5mm
Applicable Glass Thickness: 20mm – 24mm

It is specially produced in accordance with the project.

Our products are used in Europe, America, England, Middle East, Far East and Africa. All quality certificates are available.

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