Tubular Heating Elements

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Tubular Heating Elements


Tubular Heating Elements are used in ovens, grills, salamanders, combi-steamers, <


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Tubular Heating Elements are electric resistance heaters in tubes made of stainless steel or steel. Inside the metal tube, a heater coil is embedded and electrically isolated in highly compressed magnesium oxide. The optimized structure and very high density of the magnesium oxide form the basis for the excellent mechanical and thermal characteristics of the Tubular Heating Elements. They can also be fitted with thermostats and temperature limiters in most applications.

Tubular Heating Elements are used in ovens, grills, salamanders, combi-steamers, deep fat fryers, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, irons, coffee makers, vending  machines, water boilers and warming devices.

Although Tubular Heating Elements are manufactured in a very extensive range of shapes and sizes, they all share the common virtues of being reliable, sturdy, hard wearing and thus ideal for all applications. Careful selection of materials, precise manufacturing techniques as well as numerous tests and inspections ensure that our Tubular Heating Elements conform to high quality standards and offer an exceptionally long service life.

Due to the multitude of very different applications, The shape and length of the heating elements, the number of heating circuits, mechanical holding elements and electrical contacts are developed specifically for the intended product model in close cooperation with our customers.


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