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TEMPERED GLASS THICNESS : 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm


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Tempered Glass

The tempering process involves heating and cooling steps to give the glass outside the pressure stress on the horizontal line and an indirect tensile stress on the center of the glass. It is about 5 times more durable than the differential glass non-working ; it is best to use it as a safety glass because it reduces the risk of injury by splitting the pieces when they break. No cutting, drilling, edge and surface treatment can be performed on the glass after tempering (except sandblasting).

Distortions arising only from the “tempering traces” and “kinking” and “turnaround” tolerances, which can only be seen in certain viewing angles and light conditions, are the inevitable and unavoidable consequences of heat treatment. Minimized traces are not considered a defect in and of itself by a precise heat regimen application during the tempering process.

Rarely, full-tempered glasses can be subjected to a heat soaking test and subjected to a preliminary process, if desired, against the possibility of spontaneous fracture from microscopic particles that may arise as a result of some production methods in the glass paste.

The tempering process can be applied to any type of cama at any thickness from 4 mm to 19 mm in our tempering line. Tempered products have temper logos. 

Thicness/mm        Minimum Sizes/mm        Maksimum Sizes/mm
    4.0 – 12.0                    180×350                  2400×3500
    4.0 – 19.0                    105×350                  2400×4500

Tempered glasses are produced in accordance with the TS EN 12150 Glass- Used in Construction – Thermally Tempered, Soda Lime Silicate Safety Glass “standard.

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