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Sheave Wear Gauge - MPSG-01

Product code : Brand : Mimosi

V-belt types that can be used A – B – C – D - E SPA – SPB – SPC 3V – 5V – 8V

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Information : You can order minimum of 50 Pcs pieces of this product.

Sheave Wear Gauge - MPSG-01

Sheave Wear Gauge  -   Pulley Wear Gauge

The pulleys and pulley alignment on which V-belts operate are critical to belt life and performance.

Faulty pulley slots cause your new v-belts to fail in a short time, performance and energy losses, costly repair times and damage to other system elements.

With the Pulley Wear Gauges you can check the condition of your v-belts and the pulley slots through which the power is transmitted.

Being able to detect when it's time to replace weared pulleys and make changes supply you an increase in performance, savings in your V-belt costs and energy consumption.

The losses that occur during the transfer of the power generated from the engines to the machines cause losses in your production capacity and energy costs.

You can save between 5 - 25% of your annual maintenance costs by regularly performing your pulley and v-belt checks.

It must be attention should be paid to swaying pulleys, shiny ribbed base and worn ribbed cheeks.

Pulley wear gauges should be used to accurately check the wear angle.


Who may use this V-Belt Pulley Wear Gauge:

Every machine mechanic and maintenance person should have it on hand.


How To Use Pulley Wear Gauge:

1-  Choose to the v-belt type used on the sheave.

2- Select the plastic item that matches it.

3- Measure the outside diameter of the sheave for understand which part to insert into the sheave.


V-belt types that can be used are as follows: MPSG-01

A – B – C – D - E


3V – 5V – 8V


V-belt types control parts

Part 1 :   A – B – C – D - E   (Standart V-Belt Types)

Part 2:  3V – 5V – 8V          (Narrow V-Belt Types )


. There is also the label part and the chain that holds all the pieces together.

. Plastic parts and prints do not contain chemical materials harmful to human health and the environment.

. Colors and printing colors of plastic parts can be customized.


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