Aluminum Tuba Surme Sistem

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Aluminum Tuba Sliding Sytem

This is light sliding systems thermal insulation - without thermal insulation.  Windows , doors, Winter garden  can be used.

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Aluminum Tuba Surme Sistem

Aluminum Tuba Sliding Sytem


This is light sliding systems without thermal insulation. Fly screen systems can be used.

Tuba series system elements can be prepared and shipped in profile or specified dimensions.

In order to supply and pricing in this product group, we need to get answers to the following questions.

The product you requested:

Usage Area: Balcony, Window, Garden, Winter Garden...

Dimensions: Width x Length x Height (The dimensions are according to the space to be applied or it is not specified that the finished product will be the measurements.)

Thecnical Drawing : Do you have a Technical Drawing?

Color : Profile Color Must Be Specified.

Glass : What is the quality of glass? (Colorful, Reflective, Transparent ...)


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