Telescopic Hoods - Dual Engine 60 cm

Product code : Brand : MTF

Telescopic Aspirator - Dual Engine

Takes Little Space,
High Efficiency,
LED illuminated,
Low Noise

It is mounted almost invisibly in a cabinet above an oven.
Operate by pulling the slider, adjust the suction power from the buttons according to your needs.

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Telescopic Hoods - Dual Engine 60 cm

Telescopic Hoods - Dual Engine 60 cm

Telescopic aspirator has been designed with high efficiency, low noise value, which is mounted on the cupboard above the stove and takes up little space.

The case is made of corrosion resistant sheet metal and stainless steel.
The electrical components comply with all necessary safety precautions.
The sound level is quite low in the first stage. The sound gets louder with increasing traction speed.

LED lighting is used to save energy,
It is mounted almost invisibly in a cabinet above an oven.
It is operated by pulling the lower part of the slider , the buttons where you can adjust the suction power are located under the slider .
You can choose white or inox color options according to the needs of your kitchen or project.



Double Engine Build-in Hood (Sliding)
Technicial Specifications  
Product Type :  Aspirator
Appliance type : Built-in hood
Ventilation capacity  
Engine Power (m3):  450 m³/h
Number of motors: 2x95 W
Brand :  Supply
Filter systems:  1
Odor filter :  Yes
Auto shut off:  No
Max. Sound :   51 Dba (Manufacturer's Description)
General Fatures  
Width : 58 cm 58 cm
Depth : 28 cm 28 cm
Height : 18 cm : 18 cm
Color : White
Weight : Net : 5,5kg  , Brut:6 Kg
Manufacturer's Warranty:  2 Years Official Manufacturer's Warranty
Production Place : Turkey
Packing Width:  62 cm
Packing Height:  33 cm
Packing Depth:  20 cm
Circumference:  190 cm
Energy consumption data  
Manufacturer :  Supply
Energy efficiency class B
Oil filtration:  1%



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