Belt Measure Gauge

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Belt Measure Gauge

- This measuring equipment is used to measure v belt and PK-Belt multi-track Poly-V belts, serpentine belts
- With this tool you can easily and quickly determine the length of your old V-belt and PK type multi-ribbed belts

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Belt Measure Gauge

Belt Measure Gauge for V-belts and Multi V-belts

- This measuring equipment is used to measure v belts and  ribbed belts  (Poly V belts).
- With this measuring gauge,  you can easily and quickly determine the length of your old V belt and PK type multi-ribbed belts.

- The Belt Measuring Gauge indicator can be fixed with a wall fixing hole.
- V Belt Measuring Gauge can measure 360mm-2500mm V-belt and PK type belts (up to 8 channels).
- 9.5 mm, 12.5 mm, 13 mm, 17 mm, 22 mm thick belts can be measured from inside (Li) and outside (La).
- Produced according to the metric system. (Can be produced according to the inch system.)
- Belt Dealers, Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Services, Machinery Maintenance Services,
   Frequently uses the measuring instrument for fast and precise measurement.

It can be possible private colors, labels, metric/inch system


This product is also referred to by the following names.: belt measuring gauge, fact finder, v belt fact finder, v belt lenght measuring gauge, v belt lenght ruler, belt measurer

Belt manufacturers, car services, automotive parts dealers, v-belt dealers, machinery maintenance companies, air conditioner repair and maintenance service providers, companies that produce with eccentric presses, businesses that use mills, businesses that use stone crushing, screening machines, maintenance departments of factories. , ventilation systems manufacturers often use it.



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