Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management,

It is the whole of the managements that we use integrating the flow of material, information and money, ensuring that the right product reaches our customers at the right time, at the right place, at the right price. Our goal is to implement strategies and business models that will increase customer satisfaction by integrating basic business processes at the lowest possible cost for the entire supply chain.


Basic Function of Supply Chain.

In the management of the supply chain, all functions that make up the chain are integrated. In line with the basic objectives in delivering the products from the supplier to the end user, the functions fulfill the following tasks:

Demand and order management
Stock (Inventory) management
Warehouse management
Shipment (Shipping)


With Supply Chain Management ,

We will improve your delivery performance.
We ensure customer satisfaction.
We will reduce your inventory.
We will increase the order fulfillment rate.
We increase the accuracy of demand forecasts.
We reduce the supply cycle time.
We reduce logistics costs.
We increase efficiency and capacity.
We increase customer satisfaction.
By guaranteeing the supply of inputs, we ensure the continuity of production.
We increase the quality by meeting the consumer demands in the best way.
We reduce overall costs.
We ensure a faster response to changes in the Sunday.


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