Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries you can send product?

We can ship products to all countries where shipping and options allow.

Our main activity regions are Mediterranean Region Countries, Black Sea Region Countries, Europe, Middle East.

How long will my order be priced?

Depending on the completeness of your order information and the completion of the procurement and offer processes, your price offer will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Information will be provided during the preparation of the offer.

Can you send sample ?

Depending on the type of product, we may send samples provided that the expenses is covered by you.

How can I be sure of the quality of the products?

We supply the products from companies with quality certificates who are aware of producing export goods.
Since the errors that will occur will have significant sanctions on the companies, the goods are always produced in the specified nature.
In addition, production processes can be photographed, product tests can be carried out, factories can be visited for physical control.
The benefit we provide as a foreign trade company is to minimize the risks of purchasing goods from another country, to eliminate them.

Can I get the products delivered on time?

Except for delays due to force majeure, products are always delivered within the delivery times specified in the offer.

You can follow the delivery date with the information to be made after the confirmation of your order.

If my goods arrive damaged?

Your goods are insured from the point of production to the point of destination.

Damages will be compensated by following the guidelines set by the insurance companies.

Can I work with my own shipper?

Yes, you can.

We can deliver your order at the shipper's warehouse or port.

Can I get the products delivered to my address?

Yes, you can receive the products as delivery to your address.

In this type of delivery, import transactions are an option provided by the shipper.  This option may not be available in all shipping companies or countries.

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